Karl vom Hause Neubrand


Dog’s Full Name: Karl vom Hause Neubrand
Titles: BH,AD, VPG1,VPG2, IPO3, ZTP3
Date of Birth: 4/07/2005

Hip Ratings: HD Frei, ED +
Registration Number#: AKC: WS22204001
AKC DNA Profile#: V473026 (GER)

Sire: Unkas vom Hause Neubrand
Titles: BH, ZTP, IPO3

Dam: Farina vom Gruntenblick
WS04172502 (06-07) BLK & RST (GER) AKC DNA #V448357
Titles: VPG1, VPG2, VPG3, BH, AD, FH1, ZTP

Breeder: Alfons Neubrand
Owner: Vincent Carrabba

Karl vom Hause Neubrand stands 66cm high, 69cm long and weighs in at 52 kilos. Karl is very compact, has great bone structure and one of the best Rottweiler heads. Top judges have said that Karl is one of the best moving dogs in the world with his good front and rear angulations. With his interesting pedigree, Karl’s best attributes are his head and temperament. Karl has dark eyes and a black mouth. He is super friendly, super safe, great with everyone with unbelievable drive. He is one of the best dogs we’ve seen in a long time with bite work.

We are excited about Karl because he works best with the Balou lines. For our breeding program, he is an excellent dog.


Sire: Unkas Vom Hause Neubrand
WS04172502 (06-07) BLK & RST (GER) AKC DNA #V448357
Sire: Falco Com Weihungstal
ADRK 091867
Sire: Furst Vom Wolfert Turm
WP90525801 (10-99) BLK & MHGY (GER) AKC DNA #V38850
Dam: Cinderella Vom Wolfert Turm
ADRK 079989
Dam: Romy Vom Hause Neubrand
ADRK 086596
Sire: Grief Vom Oberhausener Norden
ADRK 78412
Dam: Daisy Vom Hause Neubrand
ADRK 77419
Dam:Farina Vom Gruntenblick
ADRK 106994
Sire: Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand
ADRK 103449 (07-07)
Sire: Amadeus Vom Silberpfeil
ADRK 094747
Dam: Cora Vom Rosslesgarten
ADRK 098958
Dam: Olfa Vom Oeterkotten
ADRK 100326
Sire: Rick Von Burgthann
ADRK 84080 AKC DNA #V153076
Dam: Hexe Vom Oeterkotten
ADRK 085792



Karl Vom Hause Neubrand Show Year Awards
Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub 2010 Sieger Show – NC 2010 V1